Port of Visby – Cruising

Berth information Port of Visby
  • Position: 57’39’ N 11’17’ E
  • Approach: 24 hours
  • Max LOA inner harbour: 200 m
  • Max draft inner harbour: 7,5 m
  • Anchorage suitable for tendering: Yes
  • Type of fender: Rubber, compressed, panel, cordcapp
  • Type of bollards: Steel
  • Pilotage available: Yes
  • Pilotage compulsory: Yes (LOA over 90 m) – 5 hours notice required
  • Fresh water: Yes, only at berth. Capacity 40m3/hr
  • Garbage: Yes, only at berth, fees as per tariff
  • Sludge: Yes, only at berth, fees as per tariff
  • Grey water/sewage collection: Yes, only at berth, fees per tariff
Main cruise berths

Berth no. 4 – for ships up to 160 meters LOA
Length: 200 m
Max Draft: 5,5–6,5 (the first 40 m has a depth on 6m and the rest 160m has a depth on 7m.)

Berth no. 7 – Main Cruise berth for ships up to 200 meters LOA
Length: 200 m
Max Draft: 7,5

The berth has a 32 m wide ramp for rolling cargo.

The quay is equipped with a movable gangway. It is movable up to 68 m in width ways and a height of minimum 7 m over water level up to 12 m. There is a weather protected passenger line between the ship and the terminal building.

We also have further alternatives for smaller ships.

Port development

In April 2018 the port will inaugurate a new cruise pier in Visby. It will be located in the south part of the harbour, very close to berth no. 7, our primary cruise pier today. This development will enable the bigger cruise ships to come alongside in Visby. Two ships of maximum 340 m LOA and 10,5 maximum draft will be able to berth at the same time.