Cruising Services

Gotland and Port of Visby is the most central and one of the most genuine destinations in the Baltic Sea. Visby, main town on the Isle of Gotland, carries a unique heritage as a medieval city. Since 1995 the town is included in the UNESCO List of World Heritages and once being one of the main participants in the ancient Hanseatic League. Visby inner town, with its medieval merchant houses and cobblestone alleys, decorated with roses and ruins, surrounded by the massive town wall, is considered to be one of the most well preserved of its kind in Europe.

The destination offers cruise lines a convenient port call during Baltic itineraries. Only minor, or, in some cases, no route deviation is necessary when ships already pass just outside of the west coast of Gotland.

Our philosophy is to provide our customers with top standard agency services based on the company’s 160+ year tradition, history and experience as shipping agent. Relying on our close relations with all parties involved in serving our clients ships and their guests, combined with a local knowledge which can only be achieved through a long term and year round local commitment, our clients can always be confident to get the best services.

The calls are planned up to 2 years ahead, making all necessary arrangements, keeping close contact with owner/charterer and all involved authorities.

AB Carl E Ekman gives information about harbour capacities and possibilities as well as costs, handling all documents needed and keeping track of all the fees involved, to mention a few services.

Our Sister company, Gotland Excursion AB, offers guided tours on the whole island.


City of Visby